// Zoobie’s Old Town Tavern//

"This is it. This is going to be our bar!" Josh made up his mind on this before stepping foot into the place, simply by looking at the website. The beer list, with the promise of 8 local beers on tap and around 40 other bottled beers to choose from, was enough to tempt me. So off we went on an unseasonably cool July evening to find out if Zoobie’s Old Town Tavern was going to be our Cheers.


In short, Zoobie’s far exceed our expectations. We were immediately greeted by an individual (owner?) who answered several questions for us and let me sample a few beers I was interested in before making my final choice. The decor felt modern and vintage at the same time. It seems like the owners wanted to play up the 50s feel that came with Zoobie’s, but also wanted to modernize it to give the space new life. Zoobie’s offers great local (and not so local) craft beer, wine, and well-made cocktails, along with a snack menu that won’t break anyone’s budget (the highest priced item is $3.50).


Great music played all evening while Josh and I were there (I sang along with everything from Fleet Foxes to Neil Young), there was a diverse crowd (mostly young people in their 20s and 30s, but several more mature patrons as well), and they were showing the Tigers vs. Phillies game on 2 screens mounted above the bar. Zoobie’s also boasts an outdoor space where bands play live music on Friday nights. 


Good beer flowed, and so did good conversation. Josh and I marveled at our lives in Michigan. I was a North Carolina girl through to my core, and Josh never imagined he’d end up back in his home state of MI, and yet here we are. We’ve called Lansing, Michigan home now for just over a year. Though we ended up here because Josh decided to attend school at MSU, we feel lucky. Lansing is an area that, at first glance, is pretty bureaucratic and boring. When you look beneath the surface though, there is a vibrant community here working hard to revitalize the Capital City. Zoobie’s is a small piece of that revitalization process—it’s a place that used the good bones of the building to bring something new to the community.


Josh and I will definitely visit Zoobie’s again. Hopefully someday Zoobie’s will be the place we go where everybody knows our name.

// Buhhhhh…//

Good Morning. See this sleepy kitty below? That sleepy kitty is me.

I used to be one of those morning people who could wake up at any time (no matter what time I’d gone to bed the night before) and be completely functional. Things I used to be able to do in the early morning hours:

1. Form complete sentences

2. Dress myself

3. Walk in a straight line

4. Fix real food for breakfast

The list above now represents all the things I used to successfully be able to do early in the morning. Now that I have to be awake for work at early o’clock every morning, I’m finding that my internal clock just is not adjusting like I assumed it would. 

But you know what? We won’t let this get us down. No, no. We will pour an extra liter of coffee into our mug. We will plaster a fake smile on our face. We will go to work and pretend that we like being awake at early o’clock. We will fool them all!

// Fall//

It’s happening. That time of year where we’re almost to the middle of summer and I’ve got my mind on one thing: 


And apples. And sweaters. And beautiful leaves. And hot cider. And donuts from the cider mill. And cool, crisp bike rides. And football (mostly just the idea of football…). And Harry Potter (because Harry Potter feels especially appropriate in the fall). And Halloween. And “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” And Thanksgiving. And my boots. And scarves. And campfires/bonfires. And my favorite sweatshirt/leggings/fuzzy sock/slipper lounge wear combo. And hot tea before bedtime. And hikes and camping.

But before fall, there are other wonderful things to focus on for the rest of the summer. Namely……

More summer bike rides. Many more glasses of iced coffee. More camping and exploring all Michigan has to offer. A grand trip home to see family and see some friends get hitched. Wonderful, fresh food. Sandals. Painted toenails. Long, lazy evenings.

So much to be thankful for now. So much to look forward to. 

Just thankful for this beautiful life.

// This weekend//

So far I’ve been on a 15-ish mile bike ride (and kept up with the boys, might I add), eaten a delicious home cooked dinner, then I ate a peach (and it was a burst of summer in my mouth!) and popped in one of my favorite movies: Cold Mountain.

Perfect start to a weekend, if I do say so myself.

It cannot get any better. What a perfect weekend.

// My dad//

Also known as “The Da” and “Shag Daddy.”

I love him so much and here are the reasons why:

When I was a kid my mom wasn’t really so much into games. She could occasionally be coerced into playing Trouble, but that was about it. My dad would play any game I wanted to play: Clue, Monopoly Jr., Checkers, and even that weird mall board game that talked at you.

My dad would also go swimming with me. I was an only child (and didn’t have siblings to play with/torment, and I remember my dad being the one who did all the kid things with me. He’d take me to the pool in the summer and we’d splash around and goof off. What a good sport, huh? He’d also take me in the ocean with him and would lift me up high when a wave would come through because I didn’t like the salty water on my face/in my mouth.

Pep talks. My dad gave amazing pep talks. If I was ever feeling discouraged about school, or feeling left out with friends, or needed a pick-me-up of any kind, my dad said all the right words. He made me feel calm and brave. I have a tendency to be pretty timid or passive, but my dad started calling me Katie the Lion Hearted. It stuck in my head and is something I still think about to this day.

Daddy-Daughter Days. Oh man, these were my fave. We’d go to Taco Bell! We’d go see a movie! We’d go bowling! We’d play Putt-Putt! We’d walk around the mall and then he’d give me a dollar to buy something at the Dollar Store (because my mall also had a Dollar Store in it)! Daddy-Daughter Days were my very favorite days.

Other random memories I have of my dad that make my heart melt:

- We had a push mower for our yard and I used to follow him with my little Fisher Price Bubble mower around the yard. Don’t tell me that’s not adorable!

- Drives to school in the morning — My mom had to leave the house before I did, typically, because she was a teacher. So it was up to dad to get me to school in the mornings. Each morning on the way to school he’d pray out loud. He’d ask God to guide us all through our days. Sometimes the prayers were short and sweet and other times they’d last the entire car ride to school, and my little elementary school self would be about ready to bust from all that reverence in one little car. But, his prayers were always straight from his heart.

- His jokes. My dad’s not a “knock-knock joke” kind of guy, but he is pretty silly and when he gets going on something funny he typically won’t stop. That was always fine by me, because laughing and joking around with him was the best. Still is.

Love you to the moon and back, daddio! Wish we could have had a Daddy-Daughter Day today. Sometimes MI really is too far away.

// Summer Reading Goals//

Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

(In no particular order…)

1. Read another book from my Anne of Green Gables series. I’m either on book 3 or 4. I need a little Anne and Green Gables in my life.

2. Read a Barbara Kingsolver book. I never finished reading The Lacuna when it came out, and now there’s also Flight Behavior. She’s one of my favorite authors. I need a little bit of Barbara in my life, too…

3. Read a Nancy Drew book. Just because. 

4. After reading Nancy Drew, I want to read an adult mystery book. I don’t know what that will be, because it’s not a genre I gravitate toward, but that’s what the internetz is for.

Hooray summer reading…Huzzah!

So excited!

// A Sunday Morning//

Good Morning (it truly is!).

It is bright and sunny out.

We fixed (I will never not say “fix” when referring to meals. It is the southern gal in me) eggs’n’bacon and it was salty and savory and perfect.

And now I’m enjoying my coffee…

And watching Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood on CBS.

This is when being an adult is fun. (Paying bills last night was a not fun adult moment).

But right now it’s pretty A-OK.

// Weddings//

6 weeks after our own wedding, we are attending another one. I’ve done a grand tally. Since August of 2007, when the first of my friends began getting married, I’ve attended 11 weddings. I’m sure that’s no record, but it’s still a lot.

My own wedding was my favorite. But then again, I’m biased. :)

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